Lock Re-Key Service.

Since lock re-key service is available, changing your old keys don’t always means changing your lock. So next time you want to change your locks, ask us about our lock re-key service. Since we can re-key most locks by our professional locksmiths, we see no reason our customers shouldn’t enjoy the benefit. In addition, in most cases we can match your locks to work on the same key (key alike), a great convenience.

re-key locks to same keys

Why should i consider re-keying my locks?

We recommend re-keying your locks when you move into a new house or when you remodel your home. Since many people might have had your key and you can never know who made copies. In this case it’s always best to stay safe, and change your keys. That assures that if anyone has a copy of your old key, it will not work anymore. Also business owners, if you suspect an unauthorized person has the key to your store or office, you might want to consider re-keying your locks. We even recommend for business owners to periodically have their locks re-keyed to increase the security level of their customers and themselves.

Other reasons to re-key your locks.

Last but not least, we recommended that you re-key your locks when you have many locks around your house or business. Since we are able to match the locks to use the same key, it’s called – keying alike. This is a great convenience, since you don’t have to carry many keys. In addition, keying your locks to the same key, can save valuable time for when in an emergency.

When should i avoid re-keying A Lock?

You should avoid re-keying very old locks, rusty or corroded locks or locks that simply don’t normally work that well. In addition, often enough you can encounter a lock that can’t be re-keyed. In conclusion, although a lock re-key can save you some money when done professionally, it’s still wise to avoid when sings of wear and tear begin to show on your locks.

Cost Of A Lock Re-key

The cost for re-keying locks can vary, depending on your locks and the installation setup. Starting @ $14.95 per cylinder that is about a 30% to 60% saving for each lock vs changing a lock.

Our Customers

We offer lock re key services along all other locksmith service to all of our Broward county customers. Fast reliable and fairly priced service with re-key starting at $19.95. So call us today to schedule an appointment 24 hours a day.


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